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How to Get Your Financial Life Back On Track in 2016

  December 3

The following post written by staff writer, Kayla. If that headline hits home for you, it’s probably because you’ve tried and failed to get your financial life on track in years past. Believe me when I say you are not alone. This is definitely something I’m constantly struggling with too. Almost everybody has multiple recoveries … Continued

4 Ways to Recover Financially From a Divorce

  November 6

Today’s post is by staff writer, Kayla and is brought to you by Diamond Lighthouse. All advice and opinions are her own. I’m just doing all kinds of opening up these days. A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my biggest financial mistakes with you guys here and one of them was coping … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

  October 29

This post is by staff writer Kayla and sponsored by DollarDig but all opinions are genuine. The holidays are officially right around the corner. That means two things: it’s time for holiday food and holiday shopping. Now, much as I can wax poetic about my love for mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and flavored hot chocolate throughout … Continued

4 Financial Mistakes I’ve Made and What I Learned From Them

  October 22

This post is by staff writer, Kayla. Even though I’m a personal finance blogger, I’ve made some financial mistakes. I think we all have and sometimes they are even pretty recent ones. Sharing them, as my friend Alexa did here, just makes us seem more human to those who read our blog. They know that … Continued

2 Easy Ways to Consolidate Your Student Loans

  October 13

When you’re 18 and everyone around you is visiting colleges, and you’re being barraged by one question over and over again: “So where are you going to school?” It seems only natural to start looking into those schools yourself. To find the best one for your interests. To get the best degree you can, and … Continued

Why You Need Life Insurance at Every Stage of Life

  September 8

This post is part of the blog tour, which helps spread awareness of the importance of providing financial security for your family. September is Life Insurance Awareness month, so learn more with and how life insurance can protect your family and your finances. This post is by staff writer, Kayla. Wow you guys! How … Continued

Top Apps to Help You Manage Your Personal Finances

  September 1

The following is by staff writer, Kayla. Whether you need to dramatically reduce your debt levels, want to save up for Christmas, or would like to save more money each year, it pays to keep on top of your personal finances. The only way to cut costs and save money though, is by being aware … Continued

Why Every Millennial Needs a Side Hustle

  July 27

The following is by staff writer, Kayla. With today’s economy and job market, new college grads are having trouble finding full-time jobs at all, let alone a career within their chosen field. Many are unemployed or under-employed and not earning nearly enough to live off of and pay all of their monthly bills, including their … Continued

Animal House: How to Budget for Your Family’s Pet

  July 8

If you own a pet you likely treat them as a member of the family. The unconditional love and companionship that a pet offers is invaluable and we can’t imagine our lives without them. The care and feeding of a pet is a vital part of any household budget, and unfortunately these expenses can add … Continued
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