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The Importance of Self Confidence for Your Success

  April 24

If you want to reach the peak of success in life, you have to have self confidence. In fact, I would argue that understanding the importance of self confidence and learning how to acquire it is one of the most important lessons you could ever undertake in life. Why is Self Confidence Important? Self confidence … Continued

The Benefits of Being Mortgage Free

  April 10

There is a significant amount of debate in the personal finance community about the benefits of being mortgage free. Many people love the idea of being completely and wholeheartedly debt free – mortgage included. They say you just sleep better at night, and you haven’t lived until you have a life of no payments. However, … Continued

How to Make Your First $100 Per Month as a Freelance Writer

  December 5

If you found this post, you’re probably wondering how to make money as a freelance writer. Maybe you’ve tried freelance writing before, but you never got very far. Maybe you sent pitches and never heard back. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to see your writing in print but you’re scared. Maybe it’s no good, you wonder. … Continued

6 Things to Do in Iceland With Kids

  September 24

Welcome back to part three of my traveling with kids series. In this series, I’m sharing some amazing places I’ve been fortunate to visit with my little family. I’m also giving you some tips and tricks of what worked for us and why we picked each location. Today, I’ll be chatting about things to do … Continued

7 Things to Do in New Orleans With Kids

  August 6

Welcome back to my travel series where I’m sharing five posts full of tips and tricks for traveling with kids. In my last post in the series, I shared 6 Things to Do on Mackinac Island With Kids and today I’m going to share 7 things to do in New Orleans with kids. This series … Continued

6 Things to Do on Mackinac Island With Kids

  July 10

Have you ever heard of Mackinac Island? It’s a magical little place in Michigan where cars aren’t allowed, horses and bikes are the main form of transportation, and fudge is pretty much the primary food group. I thought it would be fun to write about our recent trip there and share some things to do … Continued

How to Create a Gorgeous Boy and Girl Shared Room

  June 11

Creating a boy and girl shared room can be challenging, especially as kids get older. You don’t want things to be too girly or too masculine, but you also want it to be memorable and fun. I get it. I have four year old boy girl twins, and they’ve shared a room from the beginning. … Continued

10 Financial Questions to Ask Before Marriage

  May 17

Getting engaged is such a fun time in a couple’s life. After all, you’ve found the one you love. You’re deep into planning your dream wedding. You’ve registered for all the necessities, the menu is set, and the DJ is booked and ready to give you an epic party during your reception. You might think … Continued

Reflections on My Twins Turning 4

  March 30

Last week, my beautiful twins turned 4 years old. I remember the day I decided to share on my blog that I got the world’s greatest 2-for-1 deal. Oh man, I was not expecting that ultrasound tech to show me two babies on the monitor that day. I’ll never, ever forget how the hubs and … Continued

I’m Changing My Parenting Mindset – No More “It Gets Better”

  January 10

I was walking out of the thrift store, arms bogged down with all my treasures (and a firetruck… and a filthy Scooby Doo vehicle… because that’s the only way I got my two toddlers to participate in my thrifting adventures.) I let a nice, old man go in front of me in the checkout line … Continued
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