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6 Hard Lessons I’ve Learned in 6 Years of Marriage

  July 28

I’ll be honest with you: marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, for the ones who like a challenge. Marriage is also beautiful. Finding that one person in the world who makes you feel safe is an incredible feeling. I wouldn’t change it for anything. That said, in our society of … Continued

The One Thing I Should Have Bought For My European Vacation

  July 25

There is so much I’ve been meaning to tell all of you about the month long vacation/work-cation I took in May! In case you missed it, I had the awesome opportunity to take my little family to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and France, and we visited all of those places over the course of a month. … Continued

An Amazing Way to Capture Life’s Sweetest Memories

  May 30

This post and giveaway is brought to you by my friends at Shutterfly. Over the past month, I’ve been on an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure with my family. My husband, two year old twins, and I have been traveling throughout Europe, visiting some absolutely beautiful places. I can’t wait to tell you more … Continued

How to Make All Your Dreams for Your Family Come True

  May 27

Raise your hand if you have big, amazing dreams for your family. (I mean, I think we all do, right?!) We all want to have a safe home for our kids, enough money to give them a good childhood, and enough hours in the day to have a moment to ourselves to pursue some of … Continued

3 Ways To Stay Calm and Happy During a Major Life Uproar

  April 25

At the end of this week, I will leave my home in New Jersey and set off on a crazy adventure. I’ll put all of my family’s belongings into two large packing/shipping containers starting on Wednesday, and those containers will be sent to Michigan where they will be stored for three months. In the meantime, my family … Continued

Why We DIYed Our Taxes Our First Year of Marriage

  April 14

This post is part of the TaxAct #DIYtaxes blog tour which empowers you to take ownership of your finances by doing your own taxes. TaxAct provides the tools and guidance to help you confidently file your taxes easy and fast. Do your own taxes today at You got this.  It seems that life has gotten more complicated than ever over the past few years. After getting … Continued

4 Steps for a Successful and Cost Efficient Move

  March 31

This post is brought to you by You Need a Budget. Try their budgeting tool for free for 3 months (no credit card required – you know I’ve got your back!) I’ve been blogging for nearly six years now, and in that time, I’ve written about living in numerous different places, major life changes, and … Continued

5 Ways My Life is Changing Drastically This Spring

  March 25

Spring is a time of renewal, of refreshing, of reawakening. The days get warmer, brighter, longer. After a cold winter, I’m definitely welcoming all these little bits of spring, but I’m also bracing for some major life changes. Here are 5 big pieces of news from our family to yours: The Hubs Matched Into a Residency … Continued

This Is What Happened When I Spent $1,500 on Food

  March 7

Over the past few years, I’ve tried many different ways to reduce my grocery bills. There were times in my life, even recently, where I would try to spend only $250.00 a month on groceries. I wrote posts on how to spend $50 a week on groceries. It was hard, but at that time, I was trying to … Continued
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