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Calling Two Places Home

  August 10

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Over the past two days, I have been traveling back to the little Caribbean island I call home: Grenada.

It’s a pretty exciting time here right now, since this small country just got their very first gold medal at the Olympics. I felt so happy when I got to the airport for our layover. There is such an incredible community in Grenada. The country is so small that everyone knows each other, and all the Grenadians on the plane were asking about each other’s families. Then, the plane was also packed full of students and faculty who we have come to know and cherish. Regardless of which flight you choose, you are guaranteed to know someone on it, so we had a fun time catching up with friends and updating each other on our summers while we waited to board our plane.

Then, after several more hours of flying with our friends, we stepped off the plane and were greeted by fun, happen’ music and lots of kind folks offering everyone a rum punch. Customs was the quickest it’s ever been, even with importing our dog. We got really lucky this time, although several of our friends have the usual interesting stories of their woes during international travel.

When we cleared customs and exited the airport, we ran into one of our favorite cab drivers who promptly gave each of us – even my 6’3″ husband – a huge hug and a ride home.

More hugs came when we finally got to say hi to our landlords, who have become like parents to us. They said they missed us so much, and we missed them! They had cleaned our apartment so nicely and had a loaf of bread, fresh jam, and fresh squeezed juice made from fruit in the yard waiting for us.

Even the dogs across the street squealed and jumped with glee with they saw my dog this morning – their long lost buddy who went back to the States for the summer.

It’s so funny what a difference a year makes. When I first moved here last year around this same time, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t know any locals.

Now, we have several people who we can rely on and trust. We get that things take a while here, and we understand how everything works.

We’re still without a car, central AC, and per usual, my towels got rained on in the first 12 hours as they hung on the line. But, we’re so happy to be back in our little paradise, we don’t even care.

It’s a funny thing calling two places home, but we’re so happy Grenada is one of them.

Grenada, West Indies

 Where do you call home these days?


16 responses to “Calling Two Places Home

  1. How cool to have a Caribbean island for a home! I love vacationing in that general area and am envious of the people who actually get to stay there. It sure beats my home – Flint, MI (the beautiful city depicted in most Michael Moore movies).

  2. Haha- when I saw your picture I just had to comment. Check out the pic on our post today – looks like we have a very similar idea of what one “looks” like.

    Home for me is Florida – not quite island life, but not bad, either.

  3. Wow I want to move there!!! Nobody is like that when I arrive home in LA. lol!! That sounds wonderful. And I followed that story on the Olympics too. Of course I cried. Such a great story!

  4. Your life sounds like a dream come true! I really envy you! It is so nice to feel so welcome and to have so many friends in your new home. Adds to the fun and excitement.

  5. Sounds like paradise. I haven’t been to Greneda, but we honeymoon’d in Jamaica (the resort part) and it was wonderful. I would LOVE to live near a nice beach at some point in my life.

  6. This makes me smile!
    I know what an adjustment the past year has been for you – and it makes my heart happy that home is right where you are in Grenada. I hope this semester goes flawlessly!

  7. Oh wow, I’m so jealous of your reception upon returning to Grenada, lol! Reminds me of the wonderful, but short, time I lived in a *very* small town in North Carolina. Everyone knew each other & it was so easy to see friends everywhere. I really miss that at times! 🙂

    I call Florida and the internet home…hehehe…does that count? 😀

  8. What the heck? I want a homecoming like that! Victoria, BC (on beautiful Vancouver Island) is home for me but I consider Toronto my second home. There is always a bed with my name on it and friends with big hugs and full glasses of wine. Reading about this put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to visit everyone in Toronto next month. Welcome home, Cat!

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