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Behind the Scenes of A Major Blog Rebrand

  February 16

Welcome to my brand new website and the reveal of my brand new – or at least majorly improved – business.   New site. New, clear mission. New ways to help you to pursue family, finances, and freedom.   This business rebrand comes after five months of work and conceptualization. It’s a major step for … Continued

The One Habit that Got Me to Finally Sit Down and Write My Book

  December 8

Today we have a lovely guest post from blogger and author, Stephanie Halligan. Enjoy! “When are you going to write a book, Steph?” I used to wince at that question. Everyone who knew me knew how much I wanted to write a book. Everyone knew how badly I wanted to write and illustrate an honest-to-God … Continued

6 Networking Tips for Introverts

  July 13

Today’s post is a guest post from one of my coaching students, Jessica. I hope you find it helpful. Take it away Jessica! Oh networking. The word itself is enough to make me feel a little anxious. I know certain people thrive in social situations and love meeting new people. I am not one of … Continued

Brutal But Truthful Advice for New Freelance Writers

  July 2

This week, as many of you know, is the launch of my first course Get Paid to Write for Blogs. I’m so excited that a few students have enrolled, and I’m already getting great feedback just a few days in: “I just love this course already! You are super motivational, and so are your guests. I … Continued

The Secret to Getting Published on Very Large Websites

  June 29

Welcome to LAUNCH DAY for the Get Paid to Write for Blogs course!!! It feels so, so great to write that and it feels so great to have this project, this massive massive project, all done. I have been working on the course since January, but I’ve had the idea for the course for a very long … Continued

How to Balance Freelance Writing With Your Own Blog

  April 30

Two nights ago, I conducted a really fun video interview with Kayla, my staff writer and blog manager. (The video will be a part of my new course that I’m launching next month, Anyway, Kayla and I were laughing while doing the video because Kayla posted a Facebook update about how she had no time to … Continued

How to Become a Business Consultant

  April 22

Today’s post is by Tiffany, one of my recent coaching students. She’s here to tell you about her experience with quitting her job for self-employment. Take it away Tiffany! In March 2014, I made the big decision to quit my full-time job working from home as the Director of Operations for a multi-million dollar online … Continued

How to Be Efficient When You Work From Home

  April 15

Many entrepreneurs work from home, myself included. Maybe you’re trying to scale your small business, (something that Rick Schaden, the CEO of Consumer Capital Partners, knows a lot about.) Or, maybe you can’t afford to rent office space yet or simply thrive at home and love your home office. No matter your reason for working … Continued

Getting Rid of Debt Through Tutoring

  March 17

Today we have a guest post from Ryan. Ryan is here to tell you how he used a side hustle, tutoring, to work his way out of debt. Take it away Ryan! My story is very similar to many we’ve heard over the last few years. I followed all of the rules, worked hard in … Continued
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