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3 Sawwweet Businesses You Can Start From Home

  June 18

Please note: This post was created in collaboration with DigitalMediaCircle. One of the best (and most stressful, exciting, scary, & amazing) things I’ve done for myself is start a small business from the comfort of my own home. It was so much work and so many hours, but when I finally became a full time … Continued

Things Not to Say to Someone Who Works From Home

  April 29

Please welcome my hilarious friend John from Frugal Rules, who is here today to give some insight on the easiest job in the world – working for yourself of course. 😉 What if I told you that I had found the perfect job? In this job, your workday never starts before Noon and your duties … Continued

The Importance of Your Personal Brand

  April 22

Today, we have a post from personal finance blogger Harry Campbell.  Harry started blogging about personal finance on his main site Your PF Pro a few years ago and enjoyed it so much that he started a second site dedicated to finding the perfect work-life balance at The Four Hour Work Day.  When Harry is … Continued

I Do Not Have It All Together

  September 9

About two weeks ago, I wrote about getting some new freelance gigs and building a new website, and your comments were so supportive and sweet! Many of you wondered how I do so much work during the day. Michelle called me a machine! Grayson said he had no idea how I write for so many … Continued

Is Working From Home Becoming the Norm?

  June 24

As many of you know, my plan is to start working from home full time on January 1, 2014. I’m so excited about the possibilities that I could literally burst! It’s going to be such a big change, but its also a step in the right direction for having the type of work/life balance that … Continued
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