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An Amazing Way to Capture Life’s Sweetest Memories

  May 30

This post and giveaway is brought to you by my friends at Shutterfly. Over the past month, I’ve been on an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure with my family. My husband, two year old twins, and I have been traveling throughout Europe, visiting some absolutely beautiful places. I can’t wait to tell you more … Continued

3 Ways To Stay Calm and Happy During a Major Life Uproar

  April 25

At the end of this week, I will leave my home in New Jersey and set off on a crazy adventure. I’ll put all of my family’s belongings into two large packing/shipping containers starting on Wednesday, and those containers will be sent to Michigan where they will be stored for three months. In the meantime, my family … Continued

5 Ways My Life is Changing Drastically This Spring

  March 25

Spring is a time of renewal, of refreshing, of reawakening. The days get warmer, brighter, longer. After a cold winter, I’m definitely welcoming all these little bits of spring, but I’m also bracing for some major life changes. Here are 5 big pieces of news from our family to yours: The Hubs Matched Into a Residency … Continued

4 Ideas for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

  March 3

Last week, I hopped the train into NYC to go to a few meetings for work. It was so much fun, and a few other entrepreneurs and I even got a tour of Fox News! You can see several pictures from my NYC adventures (and all of my other adventures) on my Instagram account. The best … Continued

How To Handle Kid Emergencies When You Work From Home

  February 8

As a self employed mom who works from home, I am definitely on the front lines when it comes to mini-emergencies. You know, stuff like a kid waking up from a nap covered in you-know-what or our babysitter not being able to get here because of the snow. Over time, I’ve learned I really have … Continued

Would You Accept Money for Naming Your Baby?

  January 11

Back in October, the New York Times posted this insane article about parents who were expecting a child and deciding on a name. Essentially, some of the parents and grandparents of these up and coming new moms and dads were offering to pay big money if the new parents picked a certain baby name. One set of grandparents in the … Continued

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Your Spouse Will Love

  December 18

Y’all know I’m kind of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. At least, before we had the beans, I could really take it or leave it most of the time. I never went all out decorating the house, and I certainly didn’t go all out buying Christmas gifts. But, now that I’m a mom, I … Continued

How to Make Holiday Cards a Fun (& Frugal) Tradition

  December 4

This post is brought to you by Shutterfly. Right now, I am in New Orleans for a family wedding, and I am getting ready to have some serious fun. At least…. I hope I am. The kids aren’t sleeping well because they are in a new place and in pack and plays instead of their … Continued

5 Amazing Financial Gifts to Give Your Children This Holiday

  December 2

Today’s post is by fellow blogger, Latoya. Enjoy! Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by something because you had so many options to choose from?  You know how you go in your closet on any given morning, look at all of your clothes, and eventually throw your hands up declaring you have nothing to wear? I’m convinced … Continued

10 Financial Questions to Ask Before Marriage

  November 9

Today’s post is brought to you by Quotacy. Marriage: it’s such a beautiful thing. You’ve found the one you love. You’re deep into planning your dream wedding. You’ve registered for all the necessities, the menu is set, and the DJ is booked and ready to give you an epic wedding dance. You think you know … Continued
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