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How to Make Holiday Cards a Fun (& Frugal) Tradition

  December 4

This post is brought to you by Shutterfly. Right now, I am in New Orleans for a family wedding, and I am getting ready to have some serious fun. At least…. I hope I am. The kids aren’t sleeping well because they are in a new place and in pack and plays instead of their … Continued

5 Amazing Financial Gifts to Give Your Children This Holiday

  December 2

Today’s post is by fellow blogger, Latoya. Enjoy! Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by something because you had so many options to choose from?  You know how you go in your closet on any given morning, look at all of your clothes, and eventually throw your hands up declaring you have nothing to wear? I’m convinced … Continued

How to Afford Expensive Winter Clothes For Your Kids

  November 5

Well it happened. My kids grew again. Imagine that. 🙂 No longer can they fit in the adorable squishy winter coats I bought them last year, so I began the hunt for a new winter wardrobe once again. It’s not cheap to keep buying nice, high quality winter gear for kids every year, but here’s … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

  October 29

This post is by staff writer Kayla and sponsored by DollarDig but all opinions are genuine. The holidays are officially right around the corner. That means two things: it’s time for holiday food and holiday shopping. Now, much as I can wax poetic about my love for mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and flavored hot chocolate throughout … Continued

I Hope My Kids Never Make These 3 Financial Mistakes

  October 5

My sweet little beans are napping right now as I write this, and I’ve been thinking so much about them and the importance of teaching them about money lately. Like, I’m just so gung ho intense about making sure these kids are extremely financially savvy. I do not want them to make some of the … Continued

How to Budget for Christmas Right Now

  August 20

Longtime readers will know I’m a total scrooge when it comes to the holiday season, but I’m slowly coming around to liking it now that I have kids. The hubs has literally been sending me text messages with countdowns to Christmas since it was about 227 days away. It’s totally excessive, lol, and he definitely … Continued

Why Having a Nanny is Good for You and Your Kids

  July 21

When I decided I wanted to work from home, I definitely had this idealized view of me typing away on my computer while my kids played at my feet. The reality is that balancing the two is extremely difficult, and it took me far too long to call in reinforcements. When I first had my … Continued

Why I’ve Lived Without a TV for 4 Years

  July 15

In the fall of 2011, I took a massive, massive leap that would change my life forever. I left my very steady job as a park ranger for the National Park Service, and I moved out of the country to live in the Caribbean where my husband attended medical school. We lived there for three years … Continued

How I Learned to Budget as a Teenager

  July 10

When I was 16 years old, I went away to a boarding school. It wasn’t what you’d typically think of when you hear the words “boarding school.” For one, it was free tuition although only open by admission, and it had a variety of different kinds of students there, so it wasn’t a fancy type … Continued

Why My 1 Year Olds Have a Higher Net Worth Than I Do

  May 18

It’s crazy to say, but my one year old twins have a higher net worth than I do. Because of Christmas, their birthdays, and our own contributions to their accounts, they each have investments worth over $500 each. Even if we never add to them again (which we totally will) that would be a nice … Continued
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