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DIY Wreath: Mantle Switcheroo

  December 4

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So, I know I just posted a picture of my mantle, but I already changed it because the hubs and I did a little impromptu DIY project in the form of making a wreath. I had this random Christmas decoration that I got an an estate sale for $10.00 that had branches, berries, and sparkley things on it. It reminded me of our wedding decorations, since we had a very “holiday” theme with some evergreen branches, berries, red roses, etc. so naturally I bought it.

Hubs got the idea to attach it to some branches that we cut when we trimmed our tree. We just worked with what we had to connect them, which meant utilizing some twist ties that previously held our lights together. 
Julep helped (a.k.a. she tried to steal a stick any chance she could).
The end product was not very rigid, but the bottom of it happily rests on our mantle (which helps it to remain a circle shape). It sits alongside some hand me down candlestick holders from an old neighbor and some Goodwill candlesticks. I just attached pieces of fir twigs to my other candles with a ribbon I had lying around to give it a cohesive look. I think I like this version of the mantle better.
Anyone else making some last minute switcheroos?

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