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I Learned Magic over Thanksgiving

  December 2

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Howdy! I’m still recuperating from a whole week away from life. Responsibilities and deadlines sure do build up when you’re away, eh? Hubs and I had a really lovely Thanksgiving, and I hope y’all did too. My parents gave my siblings and me (and our significant others) a pretty neat-o Christmas gift in the form of Universal and Disney tickets. My parents are generous folks – can’t thank them enough. We are a family full of Harry Potter nerds so we had to check out his Wizarding World. It was definitely packed, and if you are interested in going with your fam, it is much smaller than it appears in advertisements. But, it surely did not disappoint. We were so excited to step in Hogsmeade. It looks just like the movie set. Too much fun.

Honeydukes was full of inspiration. Love these glass jars:
And of course, it didn’t hurt that I got to play with my stinkin’ adorable nephew the whole time:
And got to act like a kid for a few days:
We had a low key Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. They were packed too.
And here is the whole gang together. My brother, his lovely girlfriend, my parents, brother-in-law, me, the hubs and at the bottom my sister and their little boy.
I have lots of catching up to do, including replying to some sweet comments from all of you. Here’s hoping that your holiday season is going well. I already can’t wait until Christmas!
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