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Making Extra Moolah with a Little Extra Time

  September 6

This post may contain affiliate links.

Usually, this Budget Blonde does not purchase magazines. But, the most recent Woman’s Day for October really caught my eye with its article, “12 Ways to Make Money from Home.” I bought it and really loved the article, which targeted making money online from various websites. I’m always looking for ways to supplement my income, whether it’s selling items on eBay (4 items sold last week!) or flipping furniture. The article listed several websites I knew about such as, but it really got me interested in and

Swagbucks is a search engine that gives you a random amount of “bucks” when you use it. So, instead of googling, I’ve used swagbucks for two days. So far, I’ve racked up 90 “bucks” for doing nothing. When you get a little over 400, you can get things like a $5 Amazon coupon or $5 deposited into your PayPal account. That’s not bad for doing nothing. I will keep you updated on how that works out for me!

In the meantime, I set up a account. That has been a truly amazing experience so far. If you haven’t heard of this funky website before, basically you list what you are willing to do for 5 buckaroos, and the general public can buy it from you. I saw some hilarious posts like, “I will sell you my secret family recipe for lasagna for $5.” Or, “I will yell anything really loudly from my third floor apartment window for 5 dollars.” Being the modest person that I am, I simply listed a few things that did not involve yelling obscenities. I offered to write people’s bio’s for their website. I offered to help people pick out a gift for their girlfriend. I offered to share some budget tips on international travel. And, I also decided to be silly and nerdy and offered to send someone a Civil War themed postcard from Richmond. Imagine my surprise when someone bought one of my services.

A published author asked me to write their biography. Yes, I had to pick my jaw off the ground. She sent me her story, which was unbelievable. She was truly a self-made woman, an immigrant whose husband cheated on her, which resulted in her near financial ruin when he refused to help her in any way. She turned everything around, though, and started a business and wrote two books. She is now an elected official in New York. Holy moly. I absolutely love writing, and nothing made me happier than turning the set of facts about her into a story. The bio will be going on her new website, which I hope she will share with me. Then, I can share it with you! I figured I edit everything under the sun for my family and hubby, so I might as well make $5 off of it (Well, really it’s $4 because $1 goes to the website owners.)

So, has anyone else used sites like these for a little extra moolah? Does anyone else have ideas about what I can sell for 5 bucks? I considered selling Julep because she is a pain in the butt, but I figured no one else would want her either!

{P.S. I did not get paid or perked in any way to promote these sites. I’m just sharing the love with y’all!}

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5 responses to “Making Extra Moolah with a Little Extra Time

  1. I looooove swagbucks! I always cash out with the amazon giftcards and have been able to offset the cost of all of my camera equipment!

  2. OMG! Thanks so much for posting this! I hadn’t heard of either and I’m looking forward to using both!

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