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Merry Christmas: Budget Blonde’s Family Photo

  December 23

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I just wanted to stop in and wish all of my lovely blog peeps a very merry Christmas! The blog will be a little quiet this week as I squeeze in all the family visits possible while we are stateside. Until I come back from the Christmas Madness, please enjoy our family Christmas photo from this year. Thanks so much for reading my little blog throughout the year. I think of all of you as friends, and I enjoy reading about your lives too!

Here are a few others from our photo shoot:

(2012 Photos by Allison Gray)

and just for funsies, here’s our picture from 2011

and 2010

Mine from this year is my favorite so far. 🙂

Are you sharing your family Christmas photos this year? Please send me a link! 🙂

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12 responses to “Merry Christmas: Budget Blonde’s Family Photo

    1. Girl, that is probably very true. 🙂 We’ve really embraced that Caribbean lifestyle this past year. 🙂

  1. So I read quite a number of your posts and I absolutely love it! I especially liked your ebook being overdue and the entire library drama since I can confess to being a bookworm myself. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for your assistance, I passed my PMSCE exam. See ya Cat, and MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR. 😀

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