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Not Your Typical Sculpture Exhibit

  March 18

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I promised to write more about my recent visit to Grenada, and this post will not disappoint. If you absolutely love art, you’ll appreciate this incredible and unique sculpture garden that I was able to visit.
This is not your typical sculpture garden because it’s actually underwater. An artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, created these amazing masterpieces for a few reasons. Grenada had a horrible hurricane in 2004 which destroyed a large part of the ocean life. These sculptures are promoting growth underwater and are helping to keep the shore line preserved (because boats travel slowly over the garden). It’s a great site because it does not require scuba diving. You can see all of these incredible sculptures with just snorkeling gear.
These photos are from the wonders of the internet, as I did not have an underwater camera. But, I assure you they are amazing in person.


I had a special place in my heart for this guy, since you know I love typewriters:
This artist is doing more projects all around the world. Visit to read all about him and his work.
Anyone else see some amazing art exhibits or create something fabulous lately? Spill it.

7 responses to “Not Your Typical Sculpture Exhibit

  1. Wow! That is unbelievable. I went to Madame Tassaud’s a couple weeks ago, and I think all those life-size wax figures are pretty neat! Not as cool as underwater sculptures, but still.. 😉

  2. WOW! Mind blowing! I love the dive this mister had to put such a creative spin on untouched space. I may just have to take over minnesota’s 10,000 with something like this.

  3. That’s so amazing! And I bet it looks even more so in person. Though I think that one of the people in the circle would freak me out a little if I were swimming by it!

  4. How incredibly cool! And I LOVE that they are meant to help restore some reef life… I have a particular soft spot for artists who do not view their art as permanent and instead are willing to step back and let it evolve over time.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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