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Our Caribbean Apartment

  June 4

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Well, it’s official! The Hubs put down a sizable deposit on our second home together, a very cute (and very tiny) apartment in Grenada. I’m really excited because it’s a 5 minute walk to a gorgeous beach. It’s going to be rough down there – Can you tell that already? 😉


Rent prices are pretty high in Grenada. We found this cute little apartment for $800 a month. We think it’s around 300 square feet. Yikes. It’s a good thing we like each other, right? It was between this place and another rental that was sort of like a hotel. The Hubs says that this one felt more like “home” and you know I’m all about that.


I’m excited to share some pictures with you when I download them over the weekend. Until then, I have this very cute floorplan that The Hubs drew {click to see it larger}.


It should be interesting to turn this tiny apartment into a home, but we are so excited about it!
Have a lovely weekend!



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8 responses to “Our Caribbean Apartment

  1. AH! I’m so excited to see pictures. =) We live in 550 square feet and it’s cozy, but livable. The only problem we have is storage space! Too little storage space, too much stuff.

  2. It may be small, but it’s nice that the bedroom is still a separate room. That always makes me feel like there’s a little more space even when I know it’s still tiny!

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