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Budget Buddy Fridays: Stay @ Home Mom Edition

  September 30

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone has had a fab-ulous week! Mine has super busy but productive! Because of that, I have some fun things to share about my apartment and my life here in Grenada next week! Today my Budget Buddy is special because we’re actually doing a blog swap! So, after reading this post … Continued

An Introvert’s Guide to Blogger Conferences

  June 29

There’s a reason I’m a blogger: I enjoy the comfort of my computer screen. For me, it’s much harder to break out of my shell and actually (gasp!) speak to people face to face. I have a feeling that I’m not alone among others in the writing profession. So, here are a few tips for navigating … Continued

Moving to the Caribbean: Bon Voyage

  August 8

Dear Bloggy Friends, Tomorrow I leave my house at 3:00 A.M. and make my way to the airport to initiate the move to Grenada in the Caribbean. {If you’re new to the blog, my husband is an M.P.H./M.D. student down there, and we’ll be living there for 2.5 years}. I hope y’all understand that I will be … Continued

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