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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #9

  October 12

Oh snap. It’s our 9th party! For anyone new around here, welcome to This is {Wherever} Wednesday where you get to dish about all the crazy things that happen where you live. It could be silly like being late to work because of a sheep crossing or sweet like someone giving you 20 free coffees … Continued

2nd Year In Review

  January 18

Last year I wrote a post called “First Year in Review” where I listed all the major milestones, highs, and lows of 2010. So, of course we have to do the same for 2011!It’s a great way for the hubs and me to keep tabs on our marriage, our life, and our crazy adventures.Because our … Continued

She Came & Went

  November 8

The past few days I have been hanging out with my lovely sister in law who came to visit us in Grenada. In four days, we packed in as much vacationing as humanly possible! Here are the beaches she saw:Lance Aux Epines BeachGrand Anse BeachMagazine Beach Here’s where we hiked:Grand Etang, 7 Sisters Waterfalls Here’s … Continued

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