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The Simplest and Most Inexpensive Gift You Can Give

  February 24

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I know Valentine’s Day was so last week, but I wanted to show you what I made for hubs since it’s an easy and extremely inexpensive gift that you can make for anyone.

For anyone new stopping in, hubs is a first year medical student, and as you can probably guess, it’s extremely intense.

Throughout the day, he could have as many as ten different emotions from being excited about a class to being exhausted to feeling like he’s not good enough to being on cloud nine. It really is quite the roller coaster.

So, I made him a stack of 100 funny, silly, or uplifting quotes for him to take out and look at if he’s ever feeling down. I punched holes in the corner of each one and wrote something on them with a simple red pen:

{He’s already used them enough to make the first one come off and have to be re-punched!}
They have quotes from our favorite shows (Big Bang Theory anyone?), quotes from Shakespeare, quotes from successful people (“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford), really stupid drawings that I did to make him laugh, corny science jokes, and stories about persistance (like how J.K. Rowling got turned down by 12 publishing houses when she sent them Harry Potter.)
I was really surprised by hubs’ reaction. He was truly touched and truly loved it. Either that or he was emotional because I brought him a huge plate of spaghetti made with too-old pasta, and it was completely ruined. Wife fail and wife win all at once! That’s how I roll, peeps.
Has anyone else made a simple and very inexpensive gift or project lately? You know I want to hear about it.

Oh, and p.s. this gal didn’t go home empty handed. I was super surprised by my Valentine’s Day gift, a pair of really sparkly black Toms. Hubs had them shipped to my parent’s house, and they brought them down to Grenada when they visited. That took a lot of planning on his part and showed that he listened when I said I needed shoes to wear to work (I had lots of flip flops). I was really touched by the effort!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 responses to “The Simplest and Most Inexpensive Gift You Can Give

  1. This is adorable. =)

    One of hub’s Christmas gifts to me this year was the same type: he gave me “Brian doesn’t use his computer for a day” coupons, since I often joke that the computer is his other wife. It made me laugh a lot. =)

  2. Such a sweet idea! My love language is definitely words so I would love to give or gift something like that! My hubby and I are big on post it notes…leaving little notes of encouragement to each other around the house. Eventually we take them down and I put them in a fun little scrapbook! 🙂

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