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My Birth Video: The Twins are 6 Months Old

  September 23

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The Beans are six months old today and my God, what a whirlwind.

The last six months have been the most challenging of my entire life. Hubs and I have been absolutely amazed at how much energy and work these two little humans require. Every day, we’re just totally overwhelmed with how much we love them, but we’re also overwhelmed with the energy it takes to care for them combined with his very demanding med school on call schedule and my own demanding business.

Each night we try to go to bed at the same time, and we’re totally wiped out but we also have some quiet moments to talk about the adorable things they did that day or what could have gone better.

Some of the most amazing and challenging things I’ve dealt with over the last six months include breastfeeding the twins, which I actually really enjoyed for the 4.5 months that I did it. It was a rough start with their NICU time, and it took Beanette 7 weeks of her life to actually make it happen, but I persisted and tried and towards the end I was feeding them at the same time, and it was an amazing thing to be able to do – one that I’ll never have the opportunity to do again. I want to thank hubs for his support of me in this. At two months, I really wanted to stop. I actually told him I was going to, then I went and took a shower and cried the whole time because I was so sad. When I got out, he gave me a big hug and said that doesn’t sound like someone who wants to stop. Come on, I’ll get you a big glass of water, and you can try again. And then I went on to do it for 2.5 more months.

It was also challenging to deal with their reflux by myself in the house all day. I called my parents – again crying – (kind of a theme here, lol!) saying I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’d burp one and they’d projectile vomit everywhere and then I’d take the other one and deal with the same thing. It seemed to go on for weeks and weeks, and after tons of different medicines and other techniques they finally just…. stopped.

Moving across the country when they were 5 weeks old and then spending months and months trying to get settled and get the house together was extremely stressful too.

But through it all, we’re here. My kids are flourishing. My son is a whopping 19 pounds, and my daughter a delicate 13 pounds. They are so unique and different and amazing.

I am a mom to twins. Twins who are half a year old. And I’m so proud to be able to say that.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the last 6 months, the bloggers who helped me during my maternity leave, the readers who supported me, and especially my April 2014 Twins group who made me laugh and let me know every day that I’m not alone.

Below is my birth video – Don’t worry, nothing super scary or bloody – just a gorgeous compilation by the very talented Joy at Cher Bebe Birth Stories that we will cherish forever.

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49 responses to “My Birth Video: The Twins are 6 Months Old

  1. Oh goodness, I shouldn’t have let my 5 month pregnant self watch that video right before I had to head out the door for work, lots of tears! Beautiful video and beautiful family!

  2. Oh I love this! My favourite pics are the one of your hubby looking down at you in the hospital bed, and then the ones with the grandma about to lose it when the babies are out of shot 🙂 Obviously the kids are adorable, but I love the adult reactions to them!

    You’ve definitely had a whirlwind within the first six months to say the least!

    1. Okay, I think I jumped the gun on choosing favourite pics… the ones with you and your hubby and the babies in the NICU, especially the one where you’re smiling face to face with one of the twins 🙂

  3. What a great video! You have an fantastic collection of photos and videos there. I love it at the end where beanette is in the bassinette and makes a smile! Must bring you such joy to look back and watch that! Look how far you’ve come!! 🙂

  4. Congrats momma! You’ve done so great. Breastfeeding is extremely challenging, and I honestly can’t imagine doing it for two kiddos. You rock!

  5. What a beautiful video, Cat. A friend of mine just had twins and I can only imagine how challenging the first six months are, but you’ve made it! Your ability to manage your business and raise two babies while your husband is in med school is truly inspiring. You should be proud!

  6. Beautiful video! I made a scene in the waiting room of the car repair shop while watching this. Tears were just flowing! Very beautiful memories captured. And many more memories to come.

  7. Pretty amazing that you guys were able to move cross country with little ones and set up a new place while dealing with challenges of little ones…especially twins! I know what you mean about the NICU…it was like 2 floors down and across the hospital from the maternity ward! I was jealous of the parents who had their beans with them in their room or nearby. So our son was in the NICU cause he was born at home because the doctors sent us home twice saying it was not time yet!!

  8. Happy 6 months to the Beans!! I watched this video earlier and balled like a baby. It is so precious and such a great reminder of how far everyone has come in 6 months. Motherhood is truly the hardest job you will ever love (and many days not love) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  9. Thanks for sharing this Cat! I cried seeing this! It makes me want to have kiddos sooner rather than later.

  10. This is so sweet, Cat. It was said more than once during FinCon that we (as a collective group) just don’t know how you do it. You are seriously a superstar and have more energy than someone who gets 8 straight hours of sleep and no beans or dogs!

  11. Congrats — our twins turned 5 months old this week and I am still waiting for the day when my wife and I can sleep for 3 uninterrupted hours at a time without getting up to hold/feed/burp/change/enetertain/comfort/serve as a human pacifier for one of them.

  12. Happy Birthday and SUCH a beautiful video 🙂
    Breastfeeding one child was challenging enough. It was the emotional toll I was NOT prepared for. I wanted to quit so many times but managed to find a groove and stuck it out for 14 months. In all honesty I **may** have stopped if she took a bottle, in her infant life I was never successful with any artificial nipple, all she wanted was momma which I loved and hated sometimes. Enjoy the next 6, they go fast 🙂

  13. Aww, what a cute video! The beans are too precious. You are simply a rockstar for pulling through everything that’s happened. I have no clue how you guys managed the move, or how you looked so fabulous after giving birth (very jealous). Happy 6 months, and may the next six be a little easier on you!

  14. Cat, you are super woman. I don’t know how you do it. And you always look so good doing it too! Seriously, how do you look so pretty in your birth video?! And at FinCon, you held it down girl. Congrats on your award by the way. The video was so beautiful — happy 6 mo to your beans!

  15. Beautiful video, i cried the whole time!
    And congratulatiins on surviving the first 6 months!

  16. I’m sitting here 32 weeks pregnant with my boy/girl twins just balling my eyes out. This is such a beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous video!!! You all look so beautiful. 🙂 I remember vividly the breastfeeding issues with my 4 ( I could never get them to latch on right) and bucking up through it anyway, and the severe reflux our second born had – it’s so hard, all of it, but as you know, so awesome when you make it through and everyone is okay. 🙂 Happy, happy birthday to the beans.

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