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Splurging & Saving: A Vintage Styled Wedding

  October 26

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I have found that people in general always have something they love to splurge on and something they love to save on, whether they are the thriftiest people ever or the biggest spenders. So, I’ve decided to start a little series of posts over here that I’ll throw on the ol’ blog every now and then asking others what they splurge and save on. I have two lovely weddings to share that relate to this topic. The first one is below. The second one will be featured on Monday, so stay tuned!

My cousin was a groomsman in a chic, vintage styled wedding, and like many things these days, I saw his pictures on Facebook and started flipping through them. I was instantly captivated by this wedding he was in. The details were so sweet. The style was so unique. The bride and groom were so in love, young, and happy.

So, I did what any Facebook-stalker-who-happens-to-be-a-blogger would do: I messaged the bride and asked if I could show off her wedding here at Budget Blonde. The bride, Ashley, was very patient with me and answered all my questions. I have her to thank for sharing a little piece of her life with me.

I was instantly smitten with the photo below, since my hubs and I also had a vintage typewriter at our wedding reception. I absolutely loved the color of Ashley’s typewriter, though. She has a really great eye.

Unique Wedding

I could tell that many aspects of Ashley’s wedding were created by her. So, I asked her how she kept from going over budget.

She said,  “I had a pretty tight budget, so finding good deals and cheaper alternatives was absolutely necessary, and I really wanted to prove that you can have an amazing and memorable wedding with $10,000 or less. Almost everything we purchased was through a wholesale website, caught on sale, or thrifted. There were definitely times when I just wanted to buy the more expensive item because it was readily available, but I forced myself to dig for the best deal. I spent A LOT of time researching before I actually committed to a purchase. It’s easy to lose sight of your budget, but my best piece of advice is to stay focused and organized!”

budget vintage wedding

You can tell from these photos that Ashley has incredible style and a great aptitude for thinking about details. Just look at the cute yellow shoes that one of her bridesmaids has on and the adorable floral dresses. I loved how the bridesmaids’ dresses were so different, and the flowers were beautiful yet simple.

In fact, Ashley’s flowers were one of her biggest saves. She said, “Instead of hiring a florist, we went to a local flower market for all our flowers. We arranged all of our centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres ourselves, but at most markets you can have them arrange it for you for an added cost. We spend only $300 for all our flowers. You really can’t beat that!”

vintage thrift wedding

Her bridesmaid carried the groom’s wedding band in a small envelope, and his groomsman carried Ashley’s in a small cigar box. The vibe was cool, relaxed, and enjoyable. Her reception was actually in a cave at a gorgeous vineyard where they store wine. Ashley said, “My biggest splurge was definitely the reception venue. It was a last minute decision, and we went with Ironstone Vineyards. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible if our party was any bigger. Even though it was expensive ($110 per person), they did everything I could have ever imagined and then some. Plus, who can beat having a reception in a cave?”

All I can say is that her beautiful pictures definitely show how much hard work Ashley put into her wedding. Can you believe it was under $10,000? Don’t you just love it that she arranged all her own flowers? The best part is that she says she has absolutely no regrets. Her wedding day went smoothly, and she has these memories for a lifetime.

[Note: Photos by Sarah Ayer Photography.]

What have you been saving on or splurging on lately? What was the best part about your own wedding?

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3 responses to “Splurging & Saving: A Vintage Styled Wedding

  1. My husband and I paid for our own wedding. We splurged on the photography and I bought my flowers Online!! Super cheap and great quality too. Great post. The bride really has great taste.

  2. Dresses with pockets for the win! My BF got her flowers from a local grocery store up where she is called Wegmans. They put together adorable bouquets of locally sourced “in-season” flowers that were absolutely gorgeous and a fraction of the cost she was getting quoted from florists.

    1. Seriously, right? I have one dress with pockets that I actually got at a thrift store and it’s my absolute favorite dress of all time. 🙂

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