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Stately Estates

  June 20

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When I got an e-mail saying that there would be an estate sale here…

…you know I was itching to get in there to check out all of the goodies.
The inside of the house did not disappoint. It had all the gorgeous charm of an old house complete with pocket doors, a library, and an open and airy kitchen that was to die for:

This house was located in Petersburg, Virginia. You might remember that I shared all the old house eye candy of the same city in this post.
The house wasn’t without its share of oddities:
But you know I managed to grab up some goods anyway!
Here’s the cute “dream” decoration that I bought. I plan to place it on my fixed up dresser (when it’s actually fixed up of course!)
And here’s the vintage Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie poster I found:
I also bought a huge book of wallpaper designs.
It has pictures that look like this
and this.
I plan on using the tutorial I described here to make some affordable art with them!
And now… for my favorite find of the day. Presenting the coolest bookends of all time:
Here’s a close up:
Do you love them as much as I do?
All in all, this estate sale was a bit of a splurge for around $77 for everything (including a few extras that I got in the form of Christmas decorations and books for the hubs). But, I plan to re-sell a few items, such as the prints inside of the wallpaper book and the vintage movie poster.
So what do y’all think? Wasn’t that a pretty house? Did anyone else snatch up some antiques or unique items at estate sales or thrift stores lately? Please spill the beans.
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10 responses to “Stately Estates

  1. Those book ends look like something out of Alice and Wonderland. Love them!

    Are you on an email listserv for estate sales? How do you get on that?

  2. Hi Cat-
    I didn’t snag any yard or estate sale treasure this weekend, but my neighborhood is having one in a few weeks. I am hoping to find a few great finds then. The house you got your treasures at is lovely. I used to drive thru Petersburg VA quite a bit. Is it on route 85 or 8 something off of 95? I used to live in Durham NC.

  3. Okay–first things first. Let say that I wear a size 7 and live fairly close to you!! hehehe. What a good looking pair of slip on shoes.

    A Ranger? Maybe that’s the kind of job I need. I love people and I love being outside. Currently I have a desk job–haven’t had one before and I’m bored beyond tears–hehe. The good thing is that my co-workers are pretty decent. No complaints there. Anyway your job sounds pretty cool. Again since you live pretty close I can come take a tour and you can hand over some cute shoes…
    What? An estate sale? In Petersburg? Where was I when this eamil was handled out? Oh that would’ve be so awesome. Girl I think you made out with the loot!!! Seriously those bookends are rad!!!

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Oh yeah–I did hit up a garage sale. I found a cat climbing tree..literally made to look like a tree for $20 bucks and had the owner deliver it..hehe. I also found a coffee table–rather large!! I also found a couple of picture frames and some little glass bottles–dirt included!!

  5. Well as you know, I used every bit of restraint I had to avoid any and every sale I saw this weekend!!! I have to tell you though, If I got an email that said I could go into that house?!?! There would have been skid marks in my driveway!! 😉

  6. Cat,
    Went to an antique store last Thursday…walked out with one brass lamp, one milk glass lamp,two old drinking glasses, one jeweled cross, one metal sifter and one 3 piece set of stainless steel biscuit cutters… $27.

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