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What to Do with a Big Income Increase

  May 7

Today’s guest post is by Emily from Evolving Personal Finance.  Emily and her husband live in Durham, NC; they are PhD candidates by day and PF bloggers by night. Cat and her husband and I and my husband are facing a problem everyone would love to have: we are anticipating big income jumps in the … Continued

Money Lessons I’d Teach My Younger Self

  April 21

Please welcome the very talented Kali of Common Sense Millennial who is working hard to become a full time freelancer very soon! After you’re finished with the post, go ahead and follow her updates on Twitter @CSMillennial Decisions we should have made or actions we should have taken in the past seem painfully obvious to … Continued

How to Serve a Frugal Easter Dinner

  April 16

Please welcome back the Laurie of The Frugal Farmer. She was so sweet to submit two posts for my maternity leave, and I really, really appreciate it!! In case you didn’t read her last post, Laurie is an awesome mama, blogger, and debt repayment queen. You’ll love her tips on how to serve a frugal … Continued

Saving on Baby Expenses During the First Year

  April 9

Please welcome the lovely Laurie of The Frugal Farmer. Laurie is an awesome mama, blogger, and debt repayment queen. I’m so happy to have her on the blog today! (Pssst: Yep, those are my twins on the left! I owe y’all an update! Until then, enjoy Laurie’s expert wisdom!) As a mother of four kids, … Continued

A Baby Daddy’s View on Fatherhood and Money

  March 31

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m so excited that my friend Grayson from DebtRoundup and SproutWealth is stopping in today to share all his knowledge on being a financially savvy baby daddy. I know you’ll enjoy this one! Thanks, Grayson! It has been a little over a year since I became a baby daddy. My son was … Continued

I Don’t Have a Boyfriend, but I’m Planning My Wedding

  March 26

Hi Everyone! I’m so very excited to announce that I am officially a mom! 🙂 I had the twins just a few days ago, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you very, very soon! They are amazing, and the hubs and I are so in love with them. Since we are … Continued

The Most Thoughtful Staff: Hotel Contessa Review

  March 14

In January, the hubs and I took a little trip to San Antonio, Texas. We were celebrating our 4 year anniversary and also having a “baby-moon,” aka our last vacation together before the twins arrive. I picked San Antonio because it was only about 8 hours from Baton Rouge, which meant preggo me didn’t have … Continued

I’ve Never Gambled Before but I Want To

  March 10

So, I am 26 years old. I’ve never gambled before, and I kind of want to. Just for a second at least. It’s not that I haven’t gambled because I am adamantly against it or anything. I just haven’t made my way to a casino to try my hand at a game or two. Hubs … Continued

You CAN Go On a Nice Trip If You Do Your Research

  March 7

If you’re planning your next trip, you may be dreaming of swanky locations by the sea or sipping wine by candlelight, but let’s face it, that sounds a little expensive! However, with a little bit of research, careful planning, and a budget, you can go on a nice trip, and it might not be as … Continued

Don’t Be Scuured: Checking Your Credit Score

  March 4

Just a few days ago, I got a little monitoring alert for my credit score, and holla! it rose by 15 points. I’m not sure why I had a positive change, but my guess is that I am slowly paying down my student loans and might have increased my debt to credit ratio by getting … Continued
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