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How My Broken Car Changed my Outlook on Debt

  November 17

Today’s post is written by my friend and fellow PF blogger, Aaron Crowe. Once you’re finished reading it, please hop on over to his blog as I am posting over there today. 🙂 Enjoy! I don’t think anyone consciously chooses a life of debt. It just sort of happens. A new clothing purchase here. Dining … Continued

Getting Rid of Debt Through Tutoring

  March 17

Today we have a guest post from Ryan. Ryan is here to tell you how he used a side hustle, tutoring, to work his way out of debt. Take it away Ryan! My story is very similar to many we’ve heard over the last few years. I followed all of the rules, worked hard in … Continued

What is Credit Card Churning?

  February 12

You asked, peeps, so I’m answering: “What is Credit Card Churning?” Credit card churning is the process of applying for credit cards several times a year, spending on them to earn a big introductory bonus, and then closing them out before the annual fee comes due. It sounds cray cray but it’s true, and there … Continued

Our Only Goal for 2014

  January 21

Last year, I had all sorts of financial resolutions, but this year I only have one. Before I tell you my one and only goal for 2014, here’s a quick recap of what I wanted to do in 2013 and whether or not I accomplished the goal: 1. Significantly Reduce Our Dependence on Student Loans … Continued

Tips for Getting Your First Credit Card

  August 7

Well, it’s not as cool as getting your first car, but if you’re thinking about getting a credit card for the first time, there are a few things you might want to think about. With so many companies and products available, getting your first credit card can definitely be a challenge. But, fear not, Budget … Continued

How Credit Cards Can Improve Your Credit Score

  July 1

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off by chatting about something that’s important: raising your credit score! It sounds kind of crazy, but one of the best ways to prove you are credit worthy is actually using a credit card! Of course, you have to use it responsibly. 😉 Your first step when … Continued

Beauty or Bucks? How I Slashed Thousands in Beauty Costs

  November 5

Ladies, we go through great lengths for beauty, don’t we? And men, I know this baffles you. Men, you probably wonder why it’s so integral we get our nails done, and women, well, you understand why. Simply put, being pampered makes us feel beautiful. It’s no wonder that women across the country who can’t pay … Continued


  September 20

It kind of feels like Christmas morning here at the Budget Blonde household, because I just gave myself the best. gift. ever. My credit card debt is gone. My balance is zero. If you couldn’t tell from the italics, I’m beyond thrilled! Here’s how it went down: Last month, I wrote a post called “Pay Off Cards Or … Continued
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