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What to Do with a Big Income Increase

  May 7

Today’s guest post is by Emily from Evolving Personal Finance.  Emily and her husband live in Durham, NC; they are PhD candidates by day and PF bloggers by night. Cat and her husband and I and my husband are facing a problem everyone would love to have: we are anticipating big income jumps in the … Continued

Good Financial Habits Are Way More Important Than Net Worth

  November 11

My net worth is negative. Very negative. I know because I just calculated it yesterday, after J$ encouraged us all to do so. It wasn’t as though it was a surprise. I was just curious how negative it would be, and as expected, it’s several six figures in the red. As many of you know, … Continued

Soapbox Time: Medical School & 6 Figure Loans

  July 29

I’m sitting here surrounded by sticky notes, notes that have blog topics ideas scribbled all over them, but I don’t want to write about those topics right now. Instead, I want to write about something that I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time. It’s one of those posts where I’m not really sure … Continued

You Won A Million Bucks. Now What?

  October 31

What would you do if you won a million dollars? Well, that’s the fun question that Lance at the blog Money Life & More posed to his readers not too long ago. Of course, I absolutely love to think about this stuff, so I’m happy to oblige. But first, let’s set the scene: Imagine me completely freaking … Continued

What To Do When Your Budget Doesn’t Work

  July 21

I am obsessed with budgets, y’all. I love to make them, love to write about them, and I love to use them. But, you probably already knew that. This time around, however, I am feeling a little pinch. I am feeling uneasy. I am feeling like I’ve pretty much done all I could to live … Continued
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