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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #12

  November 2

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Down here, we say “T.I.G.” which stands for “This is Grenada.”

It’s used in moments when you’re experiencing the highs and lows of living in a developing country.

All towns have “T.I.{insert your town}” moments though, and I like to encourage others to look for these moments no matter where you live.
That’s how This is {Wherever} Wednesday got started. I’d love it if you joined the party!
 All you have to do is link up at the bottom of the page and link back to my blog!

Here are my favorite stories from last week:
Gale finally got a reprieve from the heat in Texas. Her newspaper gave notice that it was okay to go outside! This. Is. Texas.
Whit reveals how annoying “Island Time” can be, especially when your washing machine breaks and it takes the repairman 4 days to fix it. I hope she isn’t lost under all those mounds of clothes. Whiit! Whiiiiit! Are you there? T.I.S.M.
And here are ours for the past week:
My sister in law is coming into town so I borrowed an air mattress from a friend. I walked to her house and we each held one side of the air mattress on top of her car on the way back. Of course, it started to pour halfway through our drive, but the air mattress survived none the less. T.I.G.
I attended a mid-term social on the beach and got to waterski with an amazing view! T.I.G.
The same week I discovered the delicious treat of a banana peanut butter smoothie, I left peanut butter on the counter for five minutes and came back to find ants all over it. The same happened with a packet of muffin mix. There was one tiny slit in it that I didn’t notice at the store. The bag was filled with ants when I took it out of the cabinet. T.I.G.
Grenadians love Christmas. Instead of Bob Marley, I heard Christmas music on the bus this week! All the departments at hubs’ school have put up Christmas trees too. T.I.G.



7 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #12

  1. Unfortunately, I’m still buried under a pile of laundry! 🙂

    Oh my gosh, I can just picture you hauling a mattress down the road like it’s no big deal! And of *course* it would start to rain. Of course.

    ANTS LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I told B to keep ours in the fridge because of the ants, but apparently he would rather eat ants than cold peanut butter ?????!!!! Do y’all have BBC’s there? It’s Baileys, bananas and pina colada mix. Delicious!

  2. LOVE it!!!
    And ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww on the ants! That just makes my stomach turn. I guess you’re in the warmth all the time and that just breeds nasty bugs!! Gross!
    Keep the air mattress there – Im on my way and would love to sleep on that!! haha…

  3. Dittoing the ewwwww about the ants! If we’re not careful we get them out here like that too…I’ve left pans in the sink to find them covered with ants in the morning (though it’s nice when they’re in the sink, cause you can just wash those critters down the drain).

    The “announcement” from last week about the weather wasn’t actually from the news…just something a friend of mine made up and posted on facebook (sort of like “The Daily Show” is news, only even less so). *grin*

  4. I feel your pain, the ant problem happened to me a few months back with a pan of brownies!

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