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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #15

  November 30

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Welcome to the fifteenth week of the This is {Wherever} Wednesday Party! For anyone new to the blog, this is the par-tay where we chat about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the places we live.

I’m so fortunate to live on the Caribbean Island of Grenada, but it’s not without its quirks. Here, when something doesn’t go as planned or is just plain bizarre, we say “This. Is. Grenada.” or “TIG” for short. I know you have your own “TIG’s” wherever you live, and I want to know about them! Good deeds that you see count too! All you have to do to participate is write a blog post, link back to my blog, and link it up at the bottom of this page. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here is my favorite submission from last week:

Whit wrote about all the things she misses about home: Mexican food, the freeway, Target, etc. T.I.S.Maarten (It’s funny we live on different islands but miss the same things!)

And here are ours for this week (Please prepare for some highs and lows!)

Similar to Whit, I have been craving Mexican food like CRAZY. All I wanted was some white queso. So, my sweet hubs found a recipe online and we totally made some on the stove. It was delish. T.I.G.

The Hubs was heading to do data collection with his co-workers at a school on the other side of the island. They couldn’t find it so they asked a local kid for directions. The kid was so excited to help him and got on his bike and told hubs to follow him in the car. He rode his bike (that was missing a seat, poor thing) all the way to the school and was very helpful. T.I.G.

There have been tons of baby goats around. The “goat man” has about 10 of them on various leashes but the babies just trail behind and are so adorable. T.I.G.

On Thanksgiving Day, hubs and I made dinner. It was small, and it was just the two of us. Back at home, I know we’d have pretty table settings and serving dishes. But, all we have here to “present” the food are pots and pans. We had a really nice dinner and expressed our thanks and appreciation of each other, something we should do more often. Julep even got a special doggie treat because we are so thankful for her too. T.I.G.

There have been reports this week of several dogs being poisoned and one dog dying from being poisoned. Apparently this happens every few years, and I am totally on high alert with my dog now. T.I.G.

And, on another dog related note, I saw the most emaciated dog on my road last Saturday. I wanted to help it so badly, but it wouldn’t come to me. I cried the whole way downtown because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I see these dogs all the time, but this one was really bad. I told my friend about the dog and she messaged me on Sunday with a picture of it, asking if it was the same one. It was! Someone rescued it and gave it to a group of vet students here who are fostering it and nursing it back to health. T.I.G.

I was so excited because I went to a garage sale yesterday for students who are leaving the island. It was so much fun to haggle and get back into the swing of things like I used to back at home. Of course, the med school students really weren’t the best bargainers (sorry guys). But, I did manage to get a few things like organizers, school supplies for hubs, two extra beach towels, a blender, a fan, and a mixing bowl. Thrilling right? 😉 BUT the best part was that I found a live scribe notebook and pens in a box of school supplies I bought that I didn’t even know were there. I think I can make a buck or two off of them! So yeah, this girl’s still got it. If only there were as many garage sales as there are at home!


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2 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #15

  1. Your Thanksgiving feast looks tasty! Our Thanksgiving was totally lacking in fancy plates etc. but was just as delicious as any other Thanksgiving. Isn’t it funny how the Islands force you to learn to live with less? {Even though less Mexican food is NEVER a good thing.}

    Awww poor puppies. Good thing that little guy is safe now. There are stray dogs running around here too, but everybody feeds them so they all look happy {for the most part}. I still want to take home every stray we see though!

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