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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #21

  February 22

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What a fun week we’ve had here in Grenada: We enjoyed Valentine’s Day. Hubs had his first set of quizzes in med school and also a final for a short 1 credit class. Things are moving right along, and it’s hard to believe that his midterms are just a week and a half away. Needless to say, things are quite busy.

But amid all the craziness here, you know we have some silly Grenada stories to share at my weekly {This is Wherever Wednesday} par-tay! (click here to learn what TIWW is all about).

I invite all of you to link up a blog post (or just comment!) with pictures or fun stories of where you live. It can be funny, crazy, sad, or silly. Either way, I’d love to hear about it!

Last week, one of my favorite bloggers, Christine, wrote about living in D.C. She finally got out and enjoyed her incredible city, and I think that’s such great inspiration! So often we live in great places but never explore! Thanks for linking up, Christine!

Now, here are our “T.I.G.’s” for this week:

Not only did hubs and I accidentally wear the same shade of pink to our Valentine’s Day dinner but the restaurant was so close, we were able to walk there. T.I.G.

Hubs got me beautiful flowers on Valentine’s Day. Of course, I’m not vase rich anymore, so in the Brita pitcher they went. T.I.G.

Julep misses hubs so much when he is not here. She is usually pretty ecstatic when anyone comes to the door, but her sheer exuberance at 11:00 every night when he comes home is hysterical. Then, she sticks to him like glue…

Lastly, you should feel very sorry for our friend Luke. He seems to be unable to find a dry erase board and has to resort to the window in his apartment. T.I.G.

(Inlinkz is not working today for some reason. It keeps deleting the post, and that’s no good. So please comment and leave links in the comment section! Thanks!)


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3 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #21

  1. Uh, your friend Luke lives in that apartment with that view… I don’t feel too sorry for him ;). You and the hubs are looking adorable– J is looking really great! He’s obvi a med school rock star!!! If I were in his shoes I’d have wild hair and my eyes would be all sunken in… hmmm… wait… I think maybe that’s how I do look and I don’t even have all the stress he does!!! 🙂

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