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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #22

  March 7

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Hey blog peeps! It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to chat about our past week in Grenada (the Caribbean island I call home)! So, please join the weekly {This is Wherever Wednesday} par-tay! (click here to learn what TIWW is all about).

I invite all of you to link up a blog post (or just comment!) with pictures or fun stories of where you live. It can be funny, crazy, sad, or silly. Either way, I’d love to hear about it!

Last week, Whit joined in to tell us what her life’s been like since she left the beautiful island of St. Maartin. Hint: It’s cold. 

And, Marisa enlightened us to the oddities in Detroit with a pretty funny picture! Click over there to see what it’s all about.

Thanks for linking up ladies!

Now, here are our “T.I.G.’s” for this week:

It’s midterm week so hubs hasn’t shaved, and he’s sick. Sum, he looks like a very sweet grizzly bear. It’s not just me that’s commented on his interesting appearance. I sat next to him yesterday at school and two of our friends walked by within 5 minutes of each other and both commented on just how awesome he looked. Poor hubs. The week is almost over! T.I.G.

On the other hand, when I stay late at school to quiz hubby on questions, I do get to check out a pretty nice view. T.I.G.

I taught my friend Natalie a thing or two about sewing recently. We had a really nice time spending the day together! T.I.G.

And, remember two weeks ago when our friend Luke used his patio doors as a dry erase board? Turns out our friend Nick is equally as inventive. Apparently, what he’s studying and where he’s studying it is ironic, but I don’t speak med school student language. 🙂 T.I.G.

In Grenada, sometimes all you need is a helping hand. This past week, I’ve been especially grateful for the other wives of med school students. One helped a friend of mine who desperately needed allergy medication for her son. She went to five different stores in Grenada with no luck. A simple post on facebook got her what she needed. And, when I needed to run to the store to get hubby cough syrup, a friend of mine drove me completely out of her way to go get it and then drove me home (also out of her way). Had she not done that, I would have been riding two different buses and battling the rain. It’s weeks like this that I know I’m going to miss this small community so much when it’s time to go. T.I.G.


3 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #22

  1. Sorry to hear hubby was sick…we just got over bronchitis here. Would hate to have that while cramming for midterms.

    Love the funny fridge board…wish I knew the med joke.
    I’d still prefer the window board. More view, less munchies. 🙂

    1. I was studying Glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose to get energy) on my fridge. I really liked the window too, unfortunately all of my windows are frosted glass slats that I can’t draw on. 🙁

  2. Hope your Hubs is feeling better! Isn’t it awesome how everyone works together? It’s like a tiny family!

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