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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #23

  March 14

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Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to par-tay ’cause I am! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know it’s time to chat about the past week in Grenada (the Caribbean island I call home!) If you’re new to the blog, please consider joining the weekly {This is Wherever Wednesday} par-tay! (click here to learn what TIWW is all about).

I invite all of you to link up a blog post (or just comment!) with pictures or fun stories of where you live. It can be funny, crazy, sad, or silly. Either way, I’d love to hear about it!

Last week, my blog friend and frequent TIWW participator Gale wrote about Texas. She always has great stories, and this one is about all the crazy things you can expect when driving in Texas. Thanks Gale!!

And here are ours for this week (Either we are getting used to island life or nothing too strange happened this week because we only have three of our own T.I.G.s this week!)

Hubs was riding home on the bus when it stopped in the middle of the road. The bus driver hopped out and began flailing his arms at something. Hubs looked out the window and realized a huge iguana was in the middle of the road, frozen. The bus driver was trying to get the iguana to move so that he could drive past him! He was eventually successful, by the way (the bus driver, not the iguana!) T.I.G.

Something is going on weather wise because it’s supposed to be the dry season right now but we are having rain every day! I have a pile of laundry higher than I want to admit because I just can’t seem to “catch the sun” as my landlord always says. T.I.G.

In other news, I am still getting used to being a brunette and am still having people not recognize me at all. I had to take this pic for an author bio for one of my writing gigs and thought at least my mom would like to see! 🙂 Anyone else change their hair drastically lately? Was it for fun or for your budget – or both in my case. 🙂 T.I.G.


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2 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #23

  1. I think you look great as a brunette. I didn’t recognize you when I first saw the brunette hair in one of your posts. Now I do. But it really changed your look!!! You look great as a blonde, too. You can have fun changing. Next time red!

  2. Hi! I think you look cute as a brunette. 🙂

    When I was in high school I cut my hair for the first time…went from your length hair to a really short Dorty Hammel cut. People seriously didn’t recognize me. It was so strange.

    Well, this week my internet is CRAWLING like a turtle. It’s like the old dial up modem days…only worse. So, I’m checking a few sites (I can click a link…go do something and come back to read it) but not attempting to blog, so no Wherever Wed post this week. Thanks for sharing mine from last week. 🙂 Love reading your posts!

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