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This is {Wherever} Wednesday Linky Party #5

  September 14

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Having the “This is {Wherever} Wednesday” Linky Party #5 means I have been living in Grenada for over a month! I honestly can’t believe it’s gone that quickly, and we still have over two years left of living here!

Our time here so far has been both challenging and rewarding. Many of the challenges come from Grenada being a developing nation and so different from the U.S.A. But, it’s been rewarding too because many people here have good hearts and have been so welcoming. Still, life isn’t perfect, and for those moments we use the phrase “T.I.G.” which means “This. Is. Grenada.”

I love to try to put a positive spin on “T.I.G. when possible…
…but I will warn you, we’ve had quite an interesting week in the Budget Blonde household!

That being said, I would love for you to link up your own “T.I.G.’s” from wherever you live. I’m an avid traveller and love to learn about new places, even the good, bad, and the ugly.

But first, some submissions from my Grenada friends.

Stephanie linked up last week showing how she went to the grocery store and couldn’t find any milk. T.I.G.

Nicole spotted a cactus growing out of the gutter here in Grenada (Perhaps we’re not the only ones?) T.I.G.

And now for ours:

Remember last week when we had the Total. Ant. Takeover.? Well I have to thank those ants now, otherwise I wouldn’t have found the worm:

…in my grits no less. I have to think maybe I should stop eating grits. Last week, I was making them cooking ants unknowingly for breakfast when I realized ants were in all of our food throughout the pantry. This week because of the ants, I put my brand new box of grits into a large ziplock bag. I was putting it into the pantry when I noticed the grits moved. Yeah, you know why. I was so disgusted, I admit I actually cried (probably from the frustration of wasting money on another box of food or also probably because there was a worm in my grits). When the hubs got home, I told him what happend and he combed through that bag and found him. I hope the worm enjoyed his last southern dinner ever. T.I.G.

Two words: Bathroom Doorknob. So, like always, I used the restroom, left it, and shut the door so Julep the puppy didn’t snoop in the bathroom trash. Except this time, when I tried to go back inside later, the bathroom door refused to open. The hubs jiggled the knob and shook the door, and locked and unlocked it with the set of keys we have to no avail. We called our landlords and Mrs. Landlord came over to help because Mr. Landlord was not home at the time. Well, let me tell you, Mrs. Landlord and the Hubs are beasts. It took them an hour and a half to take apart the doorknob. They were completely drenched in sweat from head to toe when they were finished. Both of their shirts were completely soaked through, but now the door opens. Except of course, we don’t have a doorknob anymore, just a hole in the door. T.I.G.

Today, it started to rain while my clothes were out on the line. They were still damp when I brought them inside so the hubs made a clothes line in our kitchen out of our dog’s 12 foot leash. (He did get into med school, folks.) T.I.G.



7 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday Linky Party #5

  1. I would have cried at the worm too. In fact, I cried last week because I found maggots in our garbage bag…I can only imagine if I’d found them in something that I’d been planning to EAT.

  2. NO! Those worms get into our food too. They were in our rice yesterday. The only way we have found to keep them {and the ants and the pantry moths} out of our food is to put EVERYTHING in the fridge! That includes pasta, rice, flour, sugar or pancake mix…boooo. T.I.S.M. This is Sint Maarten.

  3. right after i read this, my bedroom door upstairs slammed {because of the wind} and locked itself. i had to unlock it with a screwdriver. do we live in the same house?! lol. i used to tutor two kids, but i don’t anymore. now, i blog for a website and sell coffee. oh, and also kill TONS of bugs. it’s a glamorous life for us med. school spouses! 😀

  4. Ew…worms in the grits are NOT NICE. My teacher once sent my child home with a “water beetle” what lived in oatmeal (I was happy to have missed the “larve” stage…and happy it was a single beetle so there would be no additional larve).

    And, funny coincidence…I had to take off a doorknob this week too. Just my bedroom door…it has a lock but we’ve misplaced the key. I locked it by accident when it was open then shut it…DOH!

  5. I live in a subtropic climate and suffer pantry months. My solution (that may help with your infestation) is to put all dry goods in the freezer for 3 days after i bring them home to kill off the eggs of whatever bugs, weevils, moths, worms etc. They’re already there from wherever they came from; they just grow up in your pantry. Freezing them kills them and they don’t evolve past egg phase. It’s still gross that they’re there but they’re there regardless.

  6. Crying is absolutely the right response in that situation! YUCK!! 🙂 I wholeheartedly endorse the freezer technique, since I used to get weevils in my flour and rice. But at least weevils don’t wiggle around!

    I love the idea of a This. Is. LA. post, but it would be 99% about sitting in traffic, and that’s just not as fun as reading about your (mis)adventures in Grenada! 😉

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