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Top Ways to Get Extra Cash for an Emergency

  March 31

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heidi and spencerThe following is a contributed post.

When you are in a pinch, fast money is often hard to come by. This is because obtaining loans from friends and family might not always be an option, and most people don’t even want to do that. The options below almost guarantee you money when you need it for emergency situations.

Visit a Pawn Shop

In a pawn shop you can either ask for a loan on valuable goods or you could sell items to the pawn shop if you really do not need them. The pawn shop can only loan money on valuable goods, so if it’s something worth $5 then it may not be worth it for you to bring it in.

Keep in mind that the pawn shop can only purchase an item for what it is worth and it has to be a price that still allows them a bit of room for profit. They have to make a little bit of money as well.

Take Out a Quick Cash or Title Loan

If you have the ability to get quick cash, it may be beneficial. You will need a checking account and proof of income. You can only borrow what your credit and income show that you can afford.

Title loans are available for those that have a checking account and a paid off vehicle. Loans cannot be taken on vehicles where a loan is still in place. I don’t recommend this type of loan unless you are literally in an extreme dire circumstance, since they can often start a very negative debt cycle. In sum: this is a very last resort.

Sell Items that are Not Necessary

Consider liquidating items from your possession. There are items collecting dust that you likely will never use. Put them for sale either with an advertised yard sale or put them in an online for sale situations such as Craigslist or an online Facebook for sale group in your local area.

There are ways to obtain cash in an emergency that remedy the situation rather easily. You may end up paying a bit of an interest fee or service charge, but that comes with the territory when you need an emergency loan.

Whether it is a medical emergency, utility disconnection or vehicle repair, the suggestions above are the ideal ways to obtain the money that you need. A permanent sale of an item helps liquidate unnecessary items from your inventory at home, but it will help you pay what is important at the time and can provide a little extra to prevent another emergency down the road.

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